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sha sha

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your mods
___might <--better then you
clapyourhands <--a bit better then you
a bit better
only these people can stamp you if you get a stamp from anyone else most likely those people will be banned

hello there this is tampon_tango
a place where you can get on the soap box and just bitch and hear what the hell the other people think about you or it
sounds fun i know so if you're not a member
fill out the app to join then you become worthy enough for us to speak your name

(three good pictures of you and one picture not of you but something that defines you in it(it can be porn if that is what defines you)
*reason why you want to join:

remember first inpressions count here so better make it good and nice
so yeah all the members will vote if you should be accepted or not so yeah
but once you get stamped
you can be as bitchy as you want just not aloud to attack others members in your post
comments are ok but not posts